Terms of Service

The Restos or its partners, holdings, associates provide the services relating to the restaurant's information to you and presented by the website restos.in is subject to these Terms of Services.

While before using the Restos services one should read all the terms. Here "one" refers to persons like "user" or "visitor".

One can find that if any single term specified in Restos.in Terms of Service is observed to be either unlawful or enforceable or invalid or voidable or void for any background by either group of legal or semi-legal in India, it won't be by any methods influence the enforceability and validity of our said Terms.

By chance that you don't wish to follow our Terms and Conditions or any of our further modifications in our terms, you may select to stop the utilization of any component of our site alongside any service that we offer.

Restos Agreement

We encourage you to peruse the terms precisely and comprehend them accurately. Each & Every condition in the Terms of restos.in are stated understandably, which are specified underneath, and incorporated into the medium of reference that can be read by tapping on the interrelated links. Before turning into a Restos member you should ensure that you have read and understood clearly our Agreement and make sure to approve and follow our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. In case you want to utilize our services make sure that you are by all means bound by our Agreement. We claim all the authorities to modify and correct changes in any our Terms whenever we want.

When we do roll out changes, we may update you by sending an email/SMS to your email address/ mobile number that you have enrolled with us. Likewise, we also update any modifications to our site. We may roll out modifications in the Terms keeping in mind the directive to analyze any of our policies and rules. You may stop utilization the Restos in case if you don't agree with our new modifications, by notifying us or else simply you may deactivate your account. When you proceed with our services after any alteration of modifications, it will be expected that you have acknowledged the modifications made in the agreement.

Restos Service description

Restos is an online portal that provides all the restaurants information like reviews, ratings with diners, cuisines, ambiance images, menu cards, etc. The user can visit the information by round the clock (24X7). You can also view the offers provided by the restaurant as well as restaurant list on a location basis. Restos team searched far and wide to collect the restaurant data, some times the showcased information may not be accurate because the restaurant may change them in a regular manner. Usually we collect the restaurant data, images, etc. personally or we receive them from outlets individual persons officially through an email/SMS. For better information providing purpose we still pick data from open sites in case of patent right or invalid information posting issues you can reach us on help@restos.in our team will take proper legal action on it.

Restos main intention is to provide the maximum restaurant information to their user, without compromising on any point whether it is a review, photos, dishes, ambiance, etc. It is purely an information providing site and it is not in charge of any restaurants offers and food taste deviations.

Enrollment and Termination

If you want to use the Restos services a registration form should be filled by you/user. The enrollment form needs to fill carefully as possible as a better understanding. The User responsibility is maintaining the confidentiality and security of the password, user id, etc. and the whole responsibility of all your account activities regarding the site services is completely based on you. The information all you entered in the site should be accurate, correct, and complete. we confirm your registration by sending an email with all your entered information details to your enrolled mail id. By chance if you entered the incorrect information, void, fake details or any other information that is not agreeable with the terms of service Restos has the authority to terminate or block the account from the site, and possible decline to provide that user access again.

Your privacy is our utmost concern, usually we don’t share any of your personal information to anyone unless you want to share your details with them directly, for more details have a look into Restos Privacy Policies.

Account Deactivation

Wheather the user doesn’t want to utilize the Restos services you can deactivate the account with restos.in. In case of account deactivation just send one official email to the Restos supporting team by mentioning a proper details.

Copy Rights

Content provided in this site like website design, graphic design, logo, inter phase, software and services are provided by the Restos, the above information provided from the site is copyrighted property of Restos. Any copy or steal the services from the site Restos has the authority to take legal action on that endeavour/person.Content on the Site whether images, reviews, videos, restaurant data, places, and so on their choice and plan are the proprietary property of the site, its Users or its licensors with all rights saved. Any utilization of the Site or the Site Content other than as particularly approved thus, without the earlier and prior consent, is entirely erase and will terminate the enrollment allowed in this.

Links to other websites

For the user convenience only we link to third party websites (Facebook, G+, Instagram, etc) on this website. The information provided in the site can be shared through official Social Media channels for individual purpose only but not use for personal business use. Restos has not reviewed the sites and we should not take any responsibility for your data security in these websites. The access of the third party websites linked in the website, is done completely at the user’s personal risk.

Liability limitations

Restos is only an online initiative that provides a platform where a diner can write their opinions about food, ambiance, services, management, chefs, etc. and the merchants can showcase their menu cards, dishes, offers, prices, deals, etc. Restos shall not be liable for any incidental, particular, indirect, public sensible, basic morals, lack of facilities or the price of the items. The User should agree that the Restos site might not be liable for any harm, the loss coming about because of changes, coming about to the harm of the User's notoriety, coming about because of fake information.

Govt. of India Laws

The user should agree to submit the provided information to the Information Technology Act or potentially some other laws/rules/controls of India. The User express and completely embraces to submit to the jurisdiction of enforcing/statutory authorities for any infringement of the IT demonstration and different laws.

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