Privacy Policy

Users privacy is Restos pride, we do respect an individual’s right to privacy and we come up with the policy lays down our activities with respect of the secured personal information. Mention all the proper details about yourself with our privacy policies, as given below. To utilize our service, you/user should accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and user should choose to share your personal information with Restos.

1.Personal Information- we collect

In Privacy Policy, the word “personal Information” defines general information of the user. The Information submitted by the user to Restos authority before using the services from our site, the information all you provided will be stored in our secure system. The Restos stores personal Information shared by the user or the information received while using the website and the data shared personally with direct contact with our authority. The Information what we required before entering into the site is

- Name

- Email

- Username

- Password

- Gender (optional)

We use your enrolled mail id to send official mail from us. And that mail id not is added to the mailing list, with this you cant receive any spam mails, marketing promotional mails, etc.

Keeping in mind you receive latest updates, news, launches, etc. from Restos only. Based on your interest you may also get updates like offers, dishes, deals, discounts, special events, etc. from that particular restaurant with the subscription basis.

We will not use email for any other purpose and we cant share any of your details to others without your permission, except where Restos may be required by the law to reveal certain information.

2. Secure Information- your privacy our pride

User personal data security is Restos primary concern. Our latest and advanced security settings will give complete protection for all your personal information in contradiction of unauthorized access, abuse, stealing. Our team continuously performs various security checks on the data storage facilities to control and improve the security systems. User shared personal Information to Restos is totally secured and completely password protected. You are the only one person who is responsible for any activity performed with your account, as well as you’re the only person entitled to use your personal account with the security password.

Restos authority makes sure that your details are completely locked and your password is encrypted. No one will have an access your account unless you shared the information with anyone else from your side.

With our encryption system services we strive to keep high-security standards to our users, but still, there might be a chance to steal your data, beware of that.

Make sure with the logout application, when you’re accessing your account with some unknown device or gadget since your account is not automatically logged out because of with our high session duration configuration. So be sure on your logout process.

3. Data security

Restos may send data and offer and services to the user every now and then. For additionally subtle elements identifying with our approach identifying with such offer please allude to our privacy policy. Despite the previous, Restos claims all authority to unveil any data because of/that it is required to be shared, revealed or make made accessible to any legislative, administrative or legal specialist under any law or direction pertinent to Restos.

Further, Restos can and you allow Restos team to reveal your name, address, city, state, nation, telephone number, email, and friends name to Intellectual Property right's owners, as we in our sole caution trust vital or suitable regarding an fake investigation, intellectual property offence, piracy, or other unlawful movement. (Moved to privacy policy)

4. Cookies policy- we accept

While you are using Restos website, by chance you can find some cookies traces on your computer. Simply cookies are defined as some harmless files for their advertisement follow-ups. On the other side cookies can be used for some additional purposes like verification, security, and management of Restos Site, however, they won’t be used to contact any other information on the user computer.

Cookies may use by Restos advertisers, as we mentioned earlier cookies may use for advertisement purpose. In that case, we can’t control them and only advertisers can manage them. Cookies are automatically accepted in most popular browsers. One can prevent advertisers from showing their advertisement automatically you can decline cookies also.

5. User approval

When one can use Restos services it is evident that you use the services with full of ethics and consensus. Once you login to the site you can understand obviously you have given permission to Restos authority, associates as well as its partners to collect and use all the given information. As per your convenience, we always try to improve our privacy policy in all possible directions of data collection. Whenever we want to do modifications Restos will update it on official website instantly. The information provided on our site one can always find the updated information about what we collect, how the data used and the other limitations.

For your convenience, we believe in improving our privacy policies for better modes of collecting information. Whenever we amend any change, it will be updated on immediately so that you are always informed about what information we collect, how they are used, and the parameters under which it is disclosed.

The Privacy Policy of Restos declares that it gives a brief description of the process how we use user personal information. The Restos Privacy Policy is not expected to be utilized for making any legal clashes or rights in the support of any individual. Restos authority has the right to change and execute any modifications whenever with out any prior notice.

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